Custom Work

Every tarp has it’s own unique purpose, whether it be shade from the sun or protect from the rain, and everything in between.  At West Elgin Tarps we offer the right material and construction for YOU.

Colour also plays a role when choosing a custom tarp. A tarp that is dark in colour may collect too much heat up under the structure where as the lighter colour will not only appear brighter, but will also be cooler. The different weaves of fabric will also be something to think about when getting a custom tarp made, this will provide privacy, but also air flow. We have found over the years, with having manufactured custom tarps, all your concerns are addressed and we certainly have your best interest at hand.

We also stock mesh tarps for dump trucks (tri-axle and dual-axle), skating rink liners, as well as pop-up garages, and hay bale tarps.

For more information about some custom projects, please contact us: