Mesh Tarps

Mesh Tarps are typically used when varying levels of shade are required.

We stand by our quality and vow to offer only the best in durability so our tarps are reinforced with up to 12000 lbs webbing, 138lbs breaking strength UV thread, and rust resistant brass grommets.  This type of reinforcement eliminates the need for double stitching or seaming.

Block Rating Examples

50 percent block rating for mesh tarps
50 percent block typically used in trailer and truck covers

70% Mesh Tarp Block
70% block

96% Mesh Tarp Block
96% block typically used in privacy fences, dump truck covers, and garbage truck covers

Applications for Mesh Tarps

The properties of these types of tarps make them ideal for:

  • Dump trucks
  • Gardens
  • Transportation of cargo (gravel, rocks, etc.)
  • Privacy screens
  • Sandboxes
  • Pergola Tops


The material of the mesh tarps will vary depending on your requirements, however they are typically coated with vinyl producing an extremely tough and durable product.  They are manufactured with an open weave pattern with varying block rates to allow for permeation of sunlight, air, and water while providing significant durability (155lbs tensile strength). They are made with 18oz. heavy duty industrial grade vinyl-coating.

Asbestos or felt are alternative options for customers.


Our mesh tarps are available in multiple colours including:

  • blue
  • red
  • green
  • white
  • black

Available Mesh Tarp Colours:

Not the type of tarp you are looking for?  Try these instead:

brass, rust-resistant grommets
uv resistant tarps
100% Made in Canada Tarps
Made in Canada
138 lb breaking strength thread
100% repairable tarps and products
rip and tear resistant tarps
west elgin certified