Polyethylene Tarps

Polyethylene tarps are among the most popular types of tarps used world wide.  This is due to their available ranges of colours, sizes, weights, strengths, and fabrics.

Our polyethylene tarps are heavy duty yet light in weight and are resistant to cold, rips, tears, fire, mildew, mold, and sunlight.  The seams are reinforced with up to 12000lbs webbing, up to 138lbs breaking strength thread and rust resistant brass spur grommets.

Applications for Polyethylene Tarps

  • construction environments
  • canopies
  • tent frames
  • projector screens
  • pool covers
  • athletic field covers
  • wind screens
  • privacy screens


These tarps are made with 3oz. to 9oz. polyethylene and are 100% waterproof.  They also offer 3x the UV protection of other polyethylene tarps offered on the market.


Our polyethylene tarps are offered in the following colour combinations:

  • white/white
  • green/white
  • black/silver
  • clear
  • orange
  • pale yellow

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