Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl tarps are waterproof and resistant to all elements making them very versatile tarps used in many different applications.

Our vinyl tarps are made with premium, industrial grade vinyl. As with all of our superior quality tarps, they are reinforced with up to 12000 lbs webbing, 138lbs breaking strength UV thread, and rust resistant brass grommets.  All seams are welded and each weld is as strong as the tarp itself.  As a standard, all of our vinyl tarps are resistant to fire, oil, grease, rips, tears, mold, mildew, and more.

Applications for Vinyl Tarps

Applications for our vinyl tarps include, but are not limited to:

  • utility trailers
  • recreation trailer skirts
  • machine covers
  • travelling covers
  • gravity/grain wagons
  • gym floor covers
  • factory divisions
  • grain socks


These tarps are made of a UV resistant fabric and are available in varying weights of vinyl:

  • 12oz. (Light, versatile)
  • 14oz.
  • 18oz. (Standard)
  • 28oz.
  • 40oz. (Heavy Duty)

Other options include:

  • flame retardant
  • company/brand logo printing
  • windows/screens


Our vinyl tarps are available in multiple colours including:

  • Also:
  • 20 mil clear
  • 30 mil clear
  • 40 mil clear
brass, rust-resistant grommets
waterproof tarps
uv resistant tarps
chemical resistance badge
100% Made in Canada Tarps
Made in Canada
138 lb breaking strength thread
100% repairable tarps and products
flame retardant
rip and tear resistant tarps
west elgin certified

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